The Legend of Puye

The Legend of Puyé – Where we get our name



Puye Cliff Dwellings - New MexicoPuyé [pooh-yay] is a northern New Mexico Native American pueblo of cliff dwellings. Its name – and our heritage – is derived from a word in the ancient Tewa language meaning, “where the rabbits go to meet”. From that vista, the rabbits could scan the horizon for the threats or opportunities beyond their immediate surroundings. At Puyé Analytical, we take a high-level view to find solutions and advantages.


By experiencing a change in perspective – such as the revelations from a high vantage point – you can get a better idea of how your company and its website are performing. Our company is driven by the advantages this perspective offers. It’s what we call ‘vision around the bend’.


Puyé Analytical is about business sciences. We offer an in-depth look at your website’s analytics and your company’s messaging so you can be sure your message is reaching – and influencing – your customers. 89% of people use search engines before making any purchase decision. More than 50% of digital media messaging is done on mobile platforms. Marketing has evolved to include strategic data mining: targeting, segmentation, re-targeting, and social listening.


Our expertise identifies where your clients are coming from, their characteristics, and what drives and motivates them to engage with you and your company. Then, we develop and execute targeted digital marketing campaigns to source additional quality visitors to your website and further build your community of loyal fans. Customer attribute optimization is now a business process.


U.S. companies are expected to spend 15.1% more on digital marketing annually through 2018 – 2.5X the rate for all other ad outlets combined. Globally, digital marketing outlays will account for 65% of all media spend. The U.S. digital consumer spend is expected to grow by 10.3% annually through 2018 vs. 1.8% on traditional outlets. Marketing investment should follow the audience momentum.


Puyé Analytical is about perspective. We offer an in-depth look at the statistics and analytics of your website and integrate this information with the analytics from your social media platforms to see how your customers are finding you, how they interact with your website, and how you have successfully converted visitors into customers.


With this insight, your business can engage your customers, meeting them on their terms, in ways that have already resonated with them. We identify what works so that you can stop spending time and money on what won’t. We don’t just meet your needs – we help you meet your clients’ needs.

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