Analytics: Mapping Visitor Behavior




Measure Your Audience Traffic!


Google Analytics iconMarketing Analytics is like a thermometer for your Digital Marketing strategy, constantly checking and monitoring your online health. Without it, you are flying blind. It is the only way to determine whether your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy is effective. Your Marketing Analytics objectives should mirror your overall Business Strategy; online marketing is (potentially) a business’ most powerful marketing tool. If it is not, then you are not leveraging the potential of your Digital Marketing strategy.


In today’s world businesses (profit or non-profit) have the unique ability to communicate across diverse internet platforms and reach their audience like never before. With the rapid development of digital technologies and platforms it can be an overwhelming decision as to how do you build your Digital Marketing strategy. What are the appropriate building blocks of this strategy and which platforms should be used to accelerate business growth?


Marketing Analytics – Your Strategic Compass


Business Compass; StrategyMarketing Analytics is your GPS to navigate this journey. Let’s liken this to a cross country road trip. You map out your journey from the start based on what the objectives of the trip are. We plan a journey based on details such as what are the sights we want to see and which are the places and people that we want to visit. We then layout the journey by how many miles to travel each day with details of where we will rest each evening. Building your business development strategy is an analogous process of planning and scheduling.


Invariably as we embark on the cross country journey we run into unforeseen issues. Perhaps there is road construction that requires a detour. Maybe we realize that there is a side trip that we can make that is once-in-a-lifetime; though we did not plan for it. There will be unforeseen options that we will want to consider; then we will need to decide if we want to include them in our trip itinerary. Since we are constrained by time (and maybe money), we cannot do everything so choices need to be made.


Developing your business strategy is no different. Not only are there new options to consider, but market and consumer behavior is dynamic – always changing. To stay at the ‘top of our game’ our business analysis will need to measure the impact these dynamics have on the business strategy. We must be prepared to adapt to new opportunities and / or threats. Marketing Analytics is where we measure and test our options.


The underlying value of internet technologies is that they are measureable. We capture user behavior data over time and we can then look for trends that provide insights. To conduct business effectively on the internet, you need to continually refine and optimize your online marketing strategy, social search strategy, website navigation, and content strategy.


A low-performing website will starve and damage your brand. It is necessary to understand what is successfully driving visitors to become customers. Marketing Analytics provides the tools for gathering relevant information that enables you to improve on failures and embrace successes. We call this a Business Science.